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HUSK heads to Scotland!

We’re delighted to share that in partnership with Scottish Borders Housing Association (SBHA), planning permission has been granted for six new homes in Hawick. 

Our innovative approach to tackling the UK’s housing crisis, by regenerating unused garages was recognised as a solution by SBHA to its shortage of suitable homes for older people and those with mobility issues.

They launched a consultation last year seeking residents’ views of the ‘Garages to Homes’ projects at three separate sites in Jedburgh, and in four locations in Hawick.

A separate application to convert two blocks of ten garages into three bungalows in Bothwell Court in Hawick was adjourned for a site visit, while plans for the Jedburgh projects have been submitted.

Director of development for SBHA, Emma Garry, said: “We are very pleased with the decision to approve the project at Ramsay Road in Hawick and will work closely with Scottish Borders Council to ensure that all planning conditions are met. This is a significant step forward in addressing the shortage of suitable homes for older people and those with mobility issues in our area. As a not-for-profit social landlord, SBHA is responsible for managing and maintaining over 5600 homes in our local communities including older people and those living with a disability.

“Scottish Borders Council’s emerging Local Housing Strategy has a target of 300 new homes for older people to be delivered across the Borders and delivery of 20 accessible homes per year, the project at Ramsay Road will assist in meeting this target.

“We have consulted extensively on these developments and amended our approach based on feedback from residents, councillors and the Council officers. This innovative and award-winning approach creates high quality permanent homes in suitable vacant sites and is a great solution to creating homes for older and those with limited mobility, who want to stay in their local communities.”

HUSK’s Managing Director, Russell Edwards, said: “This is another exciting development for our HUSK to Home solution, and will mark our first project in Scotland.

“We’re here to challenge the UK housing crisis by providing sustainable, accessible homes within existing communities in a way that no one else can – we can’t wait to get started on this project!”