About Us

We’re here to challenge the UK housing crisis by providing sustainable, accessible homes within existing communities in a way that no one else can. It’s about taking what exists and creating something far greater.

We want to make HUSK a HOME.

Meet The Team


Russell Edwards

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Stuart Fisher

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Why We Exist

We’re currently in the middle of a housing crisis with millions of people unable to afford their own home and an ever-ageing population demanding more retirement properties – we need to find a solution.

The UK is littered with garage units, often sitting in multiple blocks that are underused and generate little revenue.

Using our innovative approach to regenerate the unused garages and transform them into innovative forever homes, we can redefine, redesign and revitalise these buildings into something truly individual and aspirational.

Our Values


We are innovative in our approach to regenerate unused garages and transform them into forever homes.


We are the only business in the UK to deliver homes in this way. We celebrate our uniqueness at every level.


We are building communities for today and for the future, leaving them in a better way than how we found them.


We are committed to relationships built on trust.


We are driven by our intention to lead with purpose and deliver everything to the best of our abilities.

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